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When installing your phono cartridge to your tonearm, there are three major geometric parameters to be taken care of, namely, alignment, azimuth, and vertical tracking angle. Of these, alignment is fundamental. Failure to get alignment correct you definitely get inner groove distortion during LP playback.

Improper alignment may result damage in your cartridge and the LP itself.

There are just too many templates and tractors in the market. Yet the best approach is to have a tailor-made tractor for a particular turntable/tonearm setup.

When you purchase our Best Tractor, we will first confirm the tonearm and turntable particulars with you. Then the Tractor is prepared using high-tech computer graphics. Best Tractor is accurate to the 2nd digit of a millimeter and this ensures your cartridge stylus is sitting on the perfect set of Null Points.

Result is very apparent, no more inner-groove distortion. Users report more coherence, darker background, natural balance after aligning with our Best Tractor.


1. Each Tractor bears a serial number for identification.

2. A spindle-hole is specially made for your turntable to ensure accuracy.

3. The Effective Length Arc ensures you get both effective length and overhang correct at one instance.

4. Many templates in the market align the cartridge body. This is grossly incorrect. Instead we have null point markings aim at aligning the stylus of your cartridge.

5. The mirror surface provides parallax effect to eliminate sighting errors. Your eyesight is guided to be in a 100% straight line with the null point indication when performing the alignment task.

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, price includes:
  • the Tractor
  • a 10-page fully illustrated User Manual with colour photos
  • one 3x Magnifier Glass
  • registered airmail shipping worldwide



A. Peak Lupe

Best Tractor has to work with a 8X or above magnifier and we can provide a "Peak Lupe 10X No.1961". The additional cost is USD13.00

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B. Speed Post Delivery

You may opt for a speedy delivery :

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You can get a 9-series Best Tractor shipped in
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Models Available



Technics SL Models,
and many more

Best Tractor - Users and comments:
What Users Tell us in Emails        
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What Users Tell us in Emails

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Online Reviews 

As the user base of Best Tractor continues to grow and widens in scope in terms of tonearm/turntable combination, many of our users have expressed their own views and experiences over the internet.

The List below is a summary of the user feedback found in manufacturer's website and public forums. These resources would provide you good insights about using Best Tractor, its benefits as well as first-hand experience for new comers.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and I may have overlooked some of them. Nevertheless, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed their feedback on the Best Tractor. At the end of the day, what matters most is that you obtain the maximum performance your analogue source is capable of.

Thank you!

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