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Dan uses a Wheaton Triplanar VII on a Galibier Gavia turntable. The Cartridge is Dynavector XV-1s.


  His comments:

"WOW!  That's all I can say!

"I spent about 1/2 an hour yesterday fine tuning what adjustments I had made using Thom's printed version of an arc protractor. In comparison to the Best Tractor I was still a bit off on the effective length. Close, but still noticeably off. This may have as much to do with the precision of the Tractor as it does with a better understanding of how to use this protractor on my part. The Best Tractor Manual is very easy to follow and really help explain how to use an arc protractor the correct way.

  "Either way, I have achieved another jump in LP playback quality thanks to the Best Tractor. Notes are clearer, instruments more articulated. Just less distortion all around. I am finding that with the alignment much more accurately adjusted I can use much less anti-skate and VTF which helps even more to get those micro-dynamics out of the groves."
Dan's Audio System:

Speaker: Edgarhorn Titan II, at 106 dB

Preamp: Alaap made by Nick Doshi of Doshi Audio   Phonostage: Alaap made by Nick Doshi of Doshi Audio
Power Amp: Lectron JH50 PP amp   The Garlibier Stelvio armboard which has a massive can under the mounting point. The can is filled with damping material.
  Dan also uses the Edgarhorn Seismic Sub which is a folded horn tuned to about 35 Hz. It is only down 6 dB at 20 Hz.


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